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BOI Projects in Sri Lanka





 BOI abbreviated for the Board Of Investment. We, provide support you to get done the Name Approval, Proposal Preparation, BOI Approval, Registration and BOI Agreement processes and it's all for very cost effective reasonable charge.

 If you are a non Sri Lankan and want to invest in Sri Lanka, BOI is the way to access the streamline of business in Sri Lanka for you.

 Why Invest in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is an isle which has strong resilient economy with supportive government policies, strong social infrastructure and also Sri Lanka's location and connectivity supports to access to key markets in the globe. Sri Lanka's rapidly growing infrastructure such as highways, airports and alternative transportation supporting investors to focus on their businesses leisurely and quickly. Sri Lanka's vibrant business environment keeps the investors hassle free mind in their ventures and investment protection and double taxation enhanced the investors’ interest to grow their business seeds on this golden soil.


** Foreign investors are able to invest in Sri Lanka as a local venture for only hotels projects without BOI for Rs. 1 000 000.00 (1 Million) of minimum investment.

There are two types of BOI projects in Sri Lanka.


There are two types of BOI projects in Sri Lanka.

1.    SECTION 16

  • a.    Minimum Investment Rs.50 Million
  •  b.    Facilities

i. Visa recommendation letters only.

2.    SECTION 17

  • a.    Minimum Investment Rs.300 Million
  •  b.    Facilities

i.    Tax Free: Rs.300 Mil. – 3 Yrs., Rs.500 Mil. – 5 Yrs., Rs.1000 Mil. – 7-10 Yrs.
ii.    Duty Free
iii.    Visa recommendation letters


Fees and Charges

 BOI Projects handling Sri Lanka Government charges mentioned as follows.

 eSeva project Handling Fee: $ 550.00

Download the application fee chart

 Frequently asked Questions Answered.

 Q. Isn’t it must to have a Sri Lankan shareholder for a BOI project in Sri Lanka?

 A. No. It was a must thing to start up a BOI project in Sri Lanka. But according to the rules has changed previously, presently there’s no barrier to start and sprint a BOI business without a Sri Lankan shareholder.


Q. Will we be benefiting a land from the Sri Lanka Government for the BOI projects?

 A. Yes. Sri Lanka government will provide you a land for 30yrs., 50yrs. And 99 yrs lease. And lease agreements will be in place with the Sri Lanka Government till end of the agreement.