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Health Care Services in Sri Lanka


You’re worried about the health care received by your loved ones in Sri Lanka. This is where you can turn to someone you can trust to ensure your loved one gets the very best in caring, compassionate and sensitive health aid services at very affordable charges.



We provide:

Home nursing aid services, and if needed for special cases this service will include qualified nurses and the attention of appropriate medical specialists, masseurs, podiatrists and child care aides.

Should your loved one be a male, we have on call trained male medical aides especially schooled in considerate and sincere bedside manners to satisfy the most demanding of patients.

Should you be a Muslim by faith, we also have special Muslim nursing aides for men and women alike. When filling up your forms for assistance, simply mention your specific need.

Should you need any extra-special nursing attention or home-based help with autistic children, we'd appreciate a week's advance notice to enable us to secure the services of specially trained aides to meet your need, whether it is for a boy or girl child.

Should your patient need post-surgical attention please mention this in your order form and ensure your patient gets the very best in post-surgery nursing aid care. The same would apply for post-natal mothers.

When submitting your application form please mentions any specific medical care/ assistance, any specific physical ailment that needs special care etc.