This is a most vitally needed service for Sri Lankans domiciled in foreign countries and seeking to obtain their permanent residence visas in their adopted countries. We handle the entire process until the applicant receives his/her pr or secures a review of a hitherto rejected application. We arrange the review services also. 

This service is specifically provided because in our experience we have found that a single parent back home in Sri Lanka has often got to visit Colombo several times to get a visa processed and this entails her having to find inconvenient makeshift accommodation at times for several days, with great inconvenience for her and the student child. This service, with power of attorney given to us, enables us to handle the entire process at a very reasonable charge within a speedier time frame because of official influence at our disposal. we visit the spouse/guardian in Sri Lanka to complete all formalities to process the visa. 

Perhaps you or your business acquaintances abroad need to visit sri lanka or someone here needs to go abroad on a business visit. we provide a total service here too.

This service has been indicated especially in instances wherein the spouse is employed or otherwise short of the voluminous time needed to shuttle to and from visa offices to process a visa. The cost is very nominal.

As in the above we can take away all the hassle involved in the prospective visitor having to visit visa offices several times to procure his/her travel visa.